Reasons to upgrade your old POS system to a EPSON TM-L90II

by: Joe Young
Director of Sales & Marketing – PaperRollsPlus

Why use the EPSON TM-L90II?

The EPSON TM-L90II printer is one of the highest quality, and best selling thermal printers currently on the market.  The EPSON TM-L90II is designed to print high quality labels (including MAXStick liner-free labels), barcodes and standard thermal receipt paper.   

The EPSON TM-L90II printer has been re-designed and simplified to be an easy to use high-quality printer.  The EPSON TM-L90II has industry leading flexibility, versatility and dependability.  The EPSON TM-L90II is specifically designed to work with MAXStick liner free labels.  These labels improve accuracy, save time, and reduce waste.  

The Epson TM-L90II is the first in a new line of printers specifically designed to work with new liner-free labels (sticky thermal paper). The platen roller on these new printers is able to handle all sticky media without jamming or having issues. This is a significant improvement over older printers such as the Epson TM-T88 printer.

Labels up to 4” are supported by the Epson TM-L90, but media that is 3 ⅛” wide are the most common. 

Businesses and customers in the restaurant, catering and hospitality industry are all singing the praises of the EPSON TM-L90II printer and the MAXStick liner-free labels they use with it.  The printer along with the MAXStick labels help businesses excel in all aspects of workflow from ordering to kitchen display to point-of-sale.




Label-taken Sensor – accepts multiple jobs but only prints one label at a time; prevents continuous printing and labels sticking to each other

Back-feed capability – retracts labels so it can print close to the top for more efficient media use.

Advanced paper-saving features – white space and character height reduction help reduce paper usage by up to 47%

Ready to use labels – help improve order accuracy and customer satisfaction

MAXStick Certified – this printer is specifically designed to work with MAXStick liner free labels.  These labels are the highest quality and most environmentally friendly labels on the market today.  

Flexible – one printer for both liner free labeling and receipt printing

mPOS friendly – supports printing from smartphones and tablets

Convenient – dual interfaces, including built in USB for flexible connectivity

Fast print speeds – up to 170mm/sec

Versatile – 40, 58, and 80mm print width support options 

Energy Efficient – The Epson TM-L90 is qualified by Energy Star as a power saving device when used with Epson’s PS180 power supply.



The Epson TM-L90II is one of the most popular new liner-free compatible printers on the market and is often installed as the main printer for new Point-of-sale setups. Typically seen in restaurants, quick-serve, and fast food establishments, but widely used in a variety of industries such as:


  • Restaurants / hospitality
  • Healthcare
  • Shipping / receiving
  • Warehousing / Logistics
  • And many more


Specifically speaking, MAXStick labels are used for:


  • Exception Labels
  • Bag Tags
  • Specialty Drink Labels
  • Product Identification Labels
  • Date Rotation Labels
  • Sandwich Wraps
  • Pizza Box Labels
  • Take Out and Delivery Labels
  • Boxed Lunch and Catering Orders
  • Ingredient and Nutrition Labels
  • Book and Video Hold Labels
  • Tote and Distribution Labels
  • In Store Pick-Up Labels
  • Shelf Edge Price Labels
  • Health Care Labels
  • Desk Top Sticky Notes


Wifi compatibility is more important than ever in 2022 and luckily the Epson TM-L90 can be configured to work with wifi. However, for those who still like a hardwired ethernet connection the TM-L90 can still be wired directly for internet connection.


That being said, a printer is only as good as the supplies used in and with it. 

Q: What type of liner-free label will work best for my EPSON TM-L90?
A: MAXStick 318” x 170’ Diamond Adhesive Liner Free Labels


Q: What is the most common paper size used in the EPSON TM-L90?
A: MAXStick 318” x 170’ Diamond Adhesive Liner Free Labels



Hopefully you’ve found these answers helpful and you now feel confident in choosing the correct paper rolls and supplies for your EPSON TM-L90 printer.  We offer Free Shipping on orders over $50.  

At PaperRollsPlus we strive to provide high quality products and excellent customer service.  If you have further questions about our products and how they might work with the EPSON TM-L90II printer, please contact us at 877-971-1010.