3 1/8" Thermal Paper Rolls




3 ⅛” Thermal Paper Rolls

Paper Rolls Plus is a leading supplier of 3 ⅛” Thermal paper rolls to businesses nationwide and across a variety of industries. Our 3 ⅛” thermal paper rolls are made with high quality materials, and fit the majority of cash registers.

In business for over 30 years, the team at Paper Rolls Plus knows how to develop high quality products that help your business run smoothly.

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Paper Rolls Plus offers a wide variety of different types of 3 ⅛” thermal paper rolls. Having the correct size paper is crucial for operations, and our team can help you find the exact size your register needs. Our most popular sizes include:

Product Uses:

3 ⅛” thermal rolls are most commonly used as cash register paper. Because of how important properly functioning registers are to a business, it’s imperative to have quality paper that’s also the correct size. When you work with Paper Rolls Plus, you’re working with an experienced staff that not only manufactures high quality thermal paper rolls, but has the knowledge to provide you with the exact right product.

If you have questions on the specific type of 3 ⅛” Thermal Paper Roll product you need for your machine, don’t hesitate to contact our team.


Our 3 ⅛” paper rolls are used across a variety of different industries. Anywhere there’s a cash register, Paper Rolls Plus can help your business. Some of the most common businesses that use these products include:


How do I know if my cash register paper is thermal?

You can tell if your paper is thermal by scratching the surface of the paper with your nail or a coin. If a black mark appears, you know you are using thermal paper.

What is the most common length for 3 ⅛” paper?

220 feet is the most standardized length of thermal paper.

What size thermal paper fits the Epson TM-T88V?
3 ⅛ x 220’ Thermal Paper Rolls

What size thermal paper fits the Star TSP100?
3 ⅛ x 220’ Thermal Paper Rolls

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