ATM Paper Rolls

ATM Paper Rolls

Paper Rolls Plus provides premium quality ATM paper rolls to businesses across a wide variety of industries. If your business has an ATM, our team can provide you with the paper rolls you need to efficiently run your business. Not only that, but our inventory of ATM paper rolls ensures that you’ll have the specific product you need for your machine.

Our team has been in business for over 30 years, and we only use the highest quality materials in all of our products. This ensures that your ATM paper rolls are manufactured to OEM Specifications which can help your business avoid costly machine jams. And with our fast, reliable service, we’ll help your business avoid any extensive downtime.

Featured Products:

We offer a variety of different ATM paper rolls designed to fit any type of machine your business has. These include:

Product Uses:

ATM paper rolls are specifically designed to be used as receipt paper for ATM machines. These machines tend to see a high volume of use, so having the right paper for your machine is crucial. It’s also important to have ATM paper that’s reliably made and tested according to industry standards, in order to avoid any paper jams or service issues. Paper Rolls Plus prides itself on selling only the highest quality products, ensuring you get the proper value from your purchase.

Additionally, our experience and industry knowledge will ensure that you have the exact right product for your machine. If you have questions on the specific type of ATM Paper Roll product you need for your machine, don’t hesitate to contact our team.


Our ATM paper rolls are used across a variety of different industries. Anywhere there’s an ATM machine, Paper Rolls Plus can help your business. Some of the most common businesses that use these products include:


What are the most popular types of ATM machines?

The most frequently used type of ATM machines that we work with include the following:

  • Genmega 2500
  • Genmega Onyx
  • Hantle 1700
  • Hyosung 2700

Though these are the most common types of machines we work with, Paper Rolls Plus can provide ATM paper rolls for any type of ATM machine.

What are the most popular ATM machine manufacturers?:

The most common types of ATM manufacturers that we tend to work with are:

  • Genmega
  • Hantle
  • Hyosung
  • Triton
  • Diebold Nixdorf

What paper fits the Genmega G2500ATM machine?
2 1/4” x 675’ ATM thermal paper rolls fit the Genmega G2500 ATM.

What paper fits the Genmega Onyx ATM machine?

2 1/4” x 675’ ATM thermal paper rolls fit the Genmega Onyx ATM.

What paper fits the Genmega G6000 ATM machine?

3 1/8” x 850’ ATM thermal paper rolls fit the Genmega G6000 ATM.

Why do some ATM rolls have black marks on them?

Some ATM paper rolls come with black marks already heat-transferred along the paper. These are called sense marks that optical readers inside the ATM use to trigger specific automatic operations. These include printing specific transaction information, dispensing the proper amount of paper to the customer, and cutting the paper to make a receipt.

***Paper rolls that do not have these sense marks work with ATMs that perform these actions on their own.

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