1-Ply Bond Paper Rolls

1 Ply Bond Paper Rolls

Used primarily in restaurants and other quick food service establishments, 1 ply bond paper rolls are an essential part of kitchen operations. As a leading supplier in 1 ply bond paper rolls, Paper Rolls Plus manufactures these products using premium quality materials.

And with over 30 years of experience in our industry, our team can help you find the correct product for your specific machine in addition to fast delivery.

Featured Products:

Paper Rolls Plus has an inventory of multiple different 1 ply bond paper rolls products. It’s critical for any business to have the correct size for their specific machine, as it helps ensure efficient operations with zero downtime. The most common sizes include:

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Product Uses:

Most commonly, 1 ply bond paper rolls are used in restaurant kitchens in place of thermal paper. Thermal paper doesn’t work well in kitchen environments, due to the heat imaging technology being affected by hot temperatures.

With years of experience under our belt, the team at Paper Rolls Plus can help ensure that you have the right type of paper and the right size for your business’ POS system. If you aren’t sure what type of 1 ply bond paper you need for your machine, please don’t hesitate to contact our team for help finding a solution.


The most common industry for 1 ply bond paper rolls is, by far, the restaurant industry. These include chain restaurants, small family businesses, hotel restaurants, quick service restaurants, food trucks, and others.

No matter what type of kitchen you have, Paper Rolls Plus has the expertise and product inventory to ensure successful operations.


Do I need a printer ribbon when using 1 ply bond paper rolls?

Yes, any machine that uses 1 ply bond paper rolls will need a printer ribbon to print on the roll.

Do you carry colored bond paper rolls?

Yes, we carry 1 ply bond paper rolls in the following colors:
1 ply white bond paper rolls

1 ply yellow bond paper rolls

1 ply green bond paper rolls

1 ply pink bond paper rolls

What size of paper works with the Epson M188B printer?

3” x 165’ 1-ply bond paper fits the Epson M188B printer.

What is bond paper?

Simply put, bond paper is regular paper. In order to print on bond paper rolls you will need an ink ribbon. (This is different than thermal paper – which uses heat to print and does not require an ink ribbon)

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