Mobile Paper Rolls

Mobile Paper Rolls

Paper Rolls Plus specializes in providing POS supplies to businesses across the entire country. When it comes to mobile thermal paper rolls, we offer a variety of high-quality products built to fit the specific machines of businesses across numerous different industries. These products not only help increase your businesses’ efficiency, but help maximize revenue by reducing errors and downtime.

As industry veterans for over 30 years, Paper Rolls Plus is capable of providing the experience, knowledge, and fast service that your business needs to efficiently run its daily operations. No matter what specific mobile paper roll product you need, we have the right one for you!

Featured Products:

We offer a wide inventory of mobile paper rolls designed to fit the specific type of machine your business operates. Some of our most popular products include:

Product Uses:

Our mobile paper rolls are used in multiple different industries and are tested to industry standards to ensure quality and reliability. The most common uses for our mobile paper roll products include:

Delivery Driver Receipt Paper

  • Allows delivery drivers to quickly and accurately print receipts (either receiving documents or invoices) and get them on to their next delivery. We also provide the same thermal paper rolls for distributors.

E-citations (police departments use them for tickets)

  • For every violation, a ticket needs to be issued on site. A mobile printer will offer a high-quality receipt that is hassle-free and quick. Whether it is the citation itself or a receipt, a portable printer will drastically save time and money when compared to handwriting citations.

Having the right type of mobile paper rolls for your machine is crucial to ensure efficiency in your business operations. If you have any questions or aren’t sure about the type of product you need for your specific machine, please don’t hesitate to reach out to Paper Rolls Plus.


Our mobile paper rolls have provided quick, precise functionality to businesses across all of the following industries:

  • Distributors (food, drinks/alcohol, gasoline, anything really)
  • E-Citations (parking ticket officials, law enforcement officers)
  • Delivery Drivers
  • Flea-markets
  • Field Service
  • Airline Baggage Tagging
  • Post and Parcel
  • Pallet Labeling
  • Asset Tagging
  • Utility Meter Reading
  • Cannabis Regulatory Compliance
  • In-Store RFID Tagging
  • Food Supply Chain Monitoring and Traceability


Most frequently asked questions associated with this product category:

What is the most common type of paper used for E-Citations?
In our experience, the 4” x 80’ Heavyweight thermal paper roll is the most popular e-citation paper we carry. They’re used in a variety of Zebra mobile printers such as the Zebra ZQ520.

How long will my receipts last, and how long will they be readable?

Our thermal paper has a 7-year archivability and is BPA-free.

What are your most popular machines for mobile paper rolls?:
The most frequently used type of ATM machines that we work with include the following:

  • Zebra ZQ520 – Zebra RW420 – Zebra QL420
  • Brother Ruggedjet 4230, Brother Ruggedjet 4250, Brother Ruggedjet 4030, Brother Ruggedjet 4040,
  • Pocketjet 673, Pocketjet 763, Brother Pocketjet 773

What are the most commonly used manufacturers for mobile paper rolls?
The most common types of mobile paper roll manufacturers that we tend to work with are:

  • Zebra
  • Brother
  • Intermec

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