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PaperRollsPlus supplies many different cannabis dispensaries with their point-of-sale receipt paper, and labeling solutions for the myriad of products dispensaries carry.

Featured Products

3 1/8 x 220′ Thermal receipt paper rolls

(This size of thermal paper is typically used in register printers for customer receipts)

2 1/4 x 50′ Thermal credit card machine paper rolls

(This size of thermal paper is typically used in credit card machines)

Product Uses

Being a heavily regulated industry means lots of restrictions and guidelines.  Most states require cannabis dispensaries to have at least one label showing their products contain THC, and usually another label for the product info (strain type, THC %, etc.).  Getting labels at a fair price is essential when trying to run a profitable dispensary.

We have been supplying dispensaries with receipt paper and labels for years.  Whether your shop needs receipt paper, credit card machine paper, small 1×1 labels or larger 4×2 product labels, or anywhere in between.  Paper Rolls Plus has you covered.  Give us a call at 1 877 971 1010 to chat with a specialist who can help you find exactly what you need today!

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If you have questions about how Paper Rolls Plus serves the Cannabis industry please contact us at (877) 971-1010.