Heavyweight Thermal Paper Rolls

Heavyweight Thermal Paper

When regular thermal paper won’t cut it, heavyweight (80 gram) thermal paper will be the most durable receipt around.

Used in a variety of applications ranging from receipts on regular Point-of-Sale printers, mobile receipt paper for Zebra & Intermec machines, & more!

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Product Uses:

Typically heavyweight thermal paper can be used to present a more professional appeal with a receipt. In quality restaurants a flimsy, poorly printed receipt can present an image that most upscale restaurants do not want.

Professional restaurants need a professional receipt, and that can be achieved with heavy thermal paper. The receipt and image will be crisp and make patrons proud to have had a meal at your fine establishment.


Heavyweight thermal paper can certainly be used in a wide variety of industries and applications. One such industry that is booming with popularity is the rise of mobile printing. Printers like the Zebra ZQ520, Clover Flex, Intermec PB51 and more are continuing the trend of mobile printing popularity. Many of these printers are used in environments that are a bit more rugged than a restaurant. Used by delivery drivers, warehouse workers, police officers, and more sometimes the paper needs to be a bit more hardy.

This is where heavyweight thermal paper can play a crucial role. All of these potential users of mobile printing have jobs where they are typically exposed to the elements. Normal thermal paper will quickly wear down in these environments, leaving everyone in a tough position when reports can no longer be comprehended.


Will heavyweight thermal paper work in the Star TSP100 receipt printer?

Yes, heavyweight thermal paper will work in the Star TSP100 printer.

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