Star Printer Ribbons

Star Printer Ribbons

Paper Rolls Plus carries an inventory of multiple different Star printer ribbons available to businesses throughout the nation. Used primarily in restaurants, Star printer ribbons can be crucial in the daily operations of both large and small eating establishments.

Paper Rolls Plus differentiates itself from the competition by manufacturing premium quality Star printer ribbons that are both durable and highly effective. As an industry leader for over 30 years, our team is capable of providing the fast service and extensive knowledge your business needs to keep your business running efficiently.

Featured Products:

Paper Rolls Plus offers three different Star printer ribbons. If you aren’t certain which product is right for you, our team will work to make sure that your business has the correct Star printer ribbons for your specific machine.

Our most common product is the Star SP700 printer ribbons. For our full inventory selection, visit our products page for more information.

Product Uses:

Star printer ribbons are used with impact printers. In restaurants, the most typical ink ribbon is black/red in color. The advantage of this is higher accuracy when preparing orders, as they allow orders to be printed in black, and any substitutions or changes the customer wants will be printed in red.

If you have questions on the specific type of Star printer ribbon product you need for your machine, don’t hesitate to contact our team.


Star printer ribbons are primarily used in the restaurant industry.

They can also be used in a variety of different industries as well.


Why are black/red ribbons the most popular printer ribbon?

Black or red ribbons are the most popular because in restaurant kitchens these ribbons allow the main order to be printed in black, with any substitutions printed in red. This allows cooks and servers to be more accurate when prepping orders.

What printer ribbon is used in the Star SP700?

The Star SP700 uses the Star SP700 printer ribbon

What printer ribbon is used in the Star SP712?

The Star SP712 uses the Star SP700 printer ribbon


What printer ribbon is used in the Star SP742?

The Star SP742 uses the Star SP700 printer ribbon

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