EPSON TM-L90 LFC Printer – How to disable the back-feed feature on the printer

This ‘How To’ guide illustrates the steps to take in order to disable the back-feed option on the EPSON TM-L90 Printer, in order to optimize it for liner-free labels, such as MAXStick.

  • **Actions/steps you must physically complete are listed in bold**

Print Status Report

    • Turn the printer off. Now turn it back on while holding down the feed button
    • There will be a print out that starts with Firmware Version (pictured below)
      • Looking down that initial receipt you will notice a section that says TOP MARGIN: 4.0MM – (see below picture)
        • TOP MARGIN: 4.0mm means that the back-feed setting is currently ON.  (This is what we are changing)
        • Look towards the bottom of the receipt for ‘Select Modes…’  (Pictured above)

Mode Selection

    • We will see:
      • Select Modes by executing the following procedure.
        Continue SELF-Test: Less than 1 second
        Mode Selection: 1 second or more  (See the above picture)
    • Hold the feed button down for 1 second or more
      • We have now selected ‘Mode Selection’  (see picture below)

      • From here we will be selecting option 2: Custom Value Settings
    • Press the feed button 2 times and then press/hold the button a 3rd time for 2+ seconds

Customize Value Settings

    • We will now see ‘Custom Value Settings’ displayed with 13 options (see picture below)

    • We will want to select option 11 – Top Margin Reduction (this is the back-feed feature)
    • To select Top margin Reduction – Press the feed button 11 times and then press the button a 12th time and hold it for 2 seconds.
      • We have now selected 11. Top Margin Reduction

Modes (again)

    • On the receipt we will see the following 3 options:
      0: Return to the menu
      1: when Paper removal standby is valid
      2: when Paper removal standby is invalid (see picture below)
    • Select option 1: when Paper removal standby is valid
    • Select this by pressing the feed button 1 time and holding it a 2nd time for 2+ seconds

      • You have now selected 11.1. When Paper removal standby is valid
    • On your receipt you will now see the ‘Modes’ menu with the following options:
      • Modes
            0: Return to the menu
        ]* 1: Maximum (4.0mm)
            2: Not reduce (14.0mm)
        ] means default value
        * means current value

    • Select option 2: Not reduce (14.0mm)
    • Press the feed button 2 times and hold it for a 3rd time for 2+ seconds
      • The receipt should now display (see below picture)
        11.1 Top margin reduction
        11.1. When Paper removal standby is valid
        Not Reduce 14.0mm

  •  The process is complete.  You can now turn off the printer.

  • Questions?  Call 877-971-1010 or email